This food is never ending

I rented my house out about many weeks ago; When I rented the space, there was an empty Bakery located on the first floor.

  • I did not guess much about the bakery when I considered renting the entire apartment.

Since the space was empty, it was the last thought on my mind. I should sincerely have thought about the space and what might happen when the baking corporation is rented. A donut shop rented the bakery area and that corporation now opens at 3 in the day. I can hear doors opening and lots of items being moved around under me because the floors and the wall are so thin. The worst part ,though, is the odor of fried food. The odor of fried food lingers in the air. It is a crazy, boiling and pervasive odor on the first afternoon, but after 3 weeks, I have grown sleepy of stinking fried dough. I decided to call an air filtration supplier to install a huge air purification system in the apartment. I talked to the house employer and she pleasantly suggested calling a supplier that deals with indoor air concerns. The air filtration supplier although the best system was to buy a portable air purification system. The portable air purification system in question is a superb device and it was a lot cheaper than a whole house air filtration system. I like to run the air purification system every night when I go to bed. In the last 2 weeks, I have only woken up about once to the odor of donuts and that is because I left the dining room window wide open. The air cleaning device is worth every dollar I paid to install it.



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