The concert didn’t meet expectation

When my sibling and I were seventeen or so, my Dad let us attend an outdoor concert that lasted all afternoon long.

My sibling joyously drove the 2 of us to the concert destination, which was about 200 miles away from our home. My Dad made us fill the automobile with gas and made us take extra oil and water just in case there were concerns with the family car. He definitely was entirely upset that both of us would end up stranded somewhere on the side of the road. This was long before the age of cell iPhones.My sibling and I happily left house after dinner and both of us made it to the concert stadium just as the first band was leaving the stage. The weather was harshly boiling and humid that afternoon at that point and most people felt miserable. The boiling sunshine was beating down on my arms and my face for a while, and after a couple of minutes, I had a sunburn. There wasn’t a single place to be found at the concert stadium with AC! Even the drink and food stands did not have available AC. I was absolutely and totally miserable. After the next band performed, I headed out to the automobile to rest in the AC for a few minutes. I somehow fell asleep with the automobile running and my sibling came to find me before the very last band reached the stage. The automobile engine and the AC had been running nonstop for the whole entire time. My sibling was a little aggravated about me sleeping in the car, but thank god both of us did not run out of gas on the way back from the concert.
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