Cooling representative heartwarming stories from residential work

Having worked as an AC and heating professional for decades, I have seen, experienced, and heard it all, the success, the horror, and the most heartwarming.

I have never had an uneventful day at work.

I have met all types of people and like the beauty of diversity, then my best memory or rather the memories I keep are the memories of heartwarming experiences in our work, but like the time I was called to check on a system that was producing different noises. As I embarked on opening up the air ducts, I found an destructiond hamster that had been stuck in there. My customer’s kid took it, cleaned it, and adopted it as her pet. I remember another time I went to fix a central air conditioner component that was blowing tepid air and not cooling the premise. As I fixed the HVAC unit, our customer, an elderly lady narrated stories to me about her son who had served in the army in 3 tours and now was a new contractor in a reputable local business. There was a bright light in her eyes as she stated how proud she was of him. This literally warmed our heart and I was almost in tears before I finished cleaning the washable filter. As a cooling representative, I handled numerous HVAC service plans and ran tests on on a plethora of quality HVAC equipment. Seeing the joy and relief in our customer’s eyes when we provide air purification help to homeowners through their indoor air cleaning system is our everyday motivation. There are people destined for the cooling industry like the kid who fixed a broken digital thermostat by seeing a video online, however people have amazing stories and it is always an honor for me to meet someone who inspires me to be a better person.
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