Planning upgrades for new air conditioning on call

Since becoming a homeowner shortly before Covid 19 changed our lives forever, I have been gradually upgrading my home to make it as comfortable and as beautiful as I had imagined it.

  • I had decided to redo each room from the cheapest to the one that was going to cost me the most money to upgrade.

When I noticed that My HVAC unit needed costly maintenance and repair, I knew I was in trouble. With the Covid19 guidelines restricting people from moving around, the HVAC business I got in touch with was willing to plan an upgrade on the phone with me. I had chosen to work with the local service provider who advised on replacing the cooling unit with a new air conditioning with a 13 SEER rating. The business also planned to send an a/c professional to help with the installation once the restrictions were lifted. We were able to diagnose the issue with the propane boiler as a broken condenser. From the pictures I shared, we discovered the ductwork sealing needed to be redone. The heat pump services had increased and were putting a strain on my finances as they were costly. For quality and heating air conditioning, the experts had suggested the installation of new heating tools and an upgrade to a HEPA air filter. The thermostat was doing a poor job in temperature control and so we had decided to upgrade to a smart one. Most importantly, for the air quality systems to last long with few tune-ups, I was advised to ensure I plan regular home services. I was very impressed with this company as their tone was not forceful but very helpful and informative. I signed a 5year contract with them.

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