Training my employees on more about Heating & Air Conditioning is the best decision I ever made

Managing an air conditioner corporation is challenging to manage alone.

When I started, I thought I would not need employees, & if I did, there would be one Heating & Air Conditioning corporation to handle the deliveries.

I was wrong, & I did hire the wrong people at first, so I ended up having a high employee turnover in the first year. Then a friend proposed myself and others the best way to keep employees is to train them & provide them incentives. I wasn’t convinced, however I decided to try it. The push came about when clients started asking for more than just Heating & Air Conditioning products for sale. Based on the unusual number of Heating & Air Conditioning brands I was selling, there was a need for air conditioner service & heating & cooling service. I couldn’t handle all that by myself. So onboard came a licensed heating corporation & a cooling tech trainee from school. Although I was a qualified corporation, I couldn’t handle much work, so I brought in an additional corporation as a update if one of my employees got sick or was on leave. With this team, I hired a professional Heating & Air Conditioning trainer to teach my team more about Heating & Air Conditioning. He also brought training manuals, & both of us agreed on an annual training program to help my employees cope with the ever-increasing demands for quality Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. Since I started the training, I have seen a significant improvement in service delivery. In particular, my highest selling device love zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning, & whole apartment air purification appliances have since earned fewer upgrade problems & service requests, even with the introduction of an Heating & Air Conditioning service plan, not various of my clients request it to cover the Heating & Air Conditioning system they buy.