I had to get my a/c fixed, however my boss insisted I come into work

When I woke up feeling hot and sweaty, I rushed to my control unit, then i was stunned when I saw it learn 86 degrees in my house! I tried to get the a/c system to work, however it would not work. I ended up calling my workplace to take the afternoon off, however my boss said he needed me to come in a little later for an important meeting. I called the Heating plus A/C contractor however they were not able to come out that early in the afternoon, they only had open times for the day. I wished that my boss would just let me take off the afternoon, however he insisted that I be at that meeting, and so I ended up calling my brother because I knew that he did a lot of DIY service on his Heating plus A/C system. I told him about the issue I was having and asked him if he could be over soon to help me out, he said it would be no problem and he inspected out my Heating plus A/C system immediately. He told me there was a certain part I needed and said the two of us could go to the store, be back and have the Heating plus A/C laboring within the hour. So the two of us headed over to the store and got the part the two of us needed. I couldn’t guess it was this tiny part that was causing all this trouble with my cooling system, then all of us were able to get back and then my brother got to work, but when the cooling system was laboring fantastic again, I thanked my brother and tried to pay him for his trouble. He refused the currency and just said that I needed to come over to have dinner with him and his husbandy soon. I was cool with that, I appreciate his husbandy’s cooking. I ended up making it to work just on time for the meeting.

Cooling technician