Crucial signs that your refrigerant is leaking

Many homes with HVAC systems are comfortable even when the weather is extremely hot or cold.

Such homeowners rarely notice a change in temperature when inside the house. However, such variations become easily noticeable when they step outside. In some cases, a slight malfunctioning of the system immediately notes a difference that interferes with their comfort. Many will react fast when they notice a refrigerant leak, while others may be slow to respond because they do not understand what this is about. To be sure that you are not missing any of the signs, make sure you are looking out for the following symptoms. First, you will notice that there is a significant loss of cooling power. Your unit will suddenly struggle to keep the house cool, and no amount of resetting the thermostat will help. Secondly, you will notice that the registers will not blow any cold air as they would in normal circumstances. Your vents will feel exceptionally warm. In case you hear some hissing sounds coming from your inside unit, then the refrigerant leak must be a significant one. If such holes are more prominent, then there will be a gurgling sound that you will not mistake for any other thing. The evaporator coils will freeze when the refrigerant is leaking. This happens because there is not enough warmth around the coils to keep them working correctly. You need to respond to this fast enough because it could lead to a breakdown of the system and lead to expensive repair costs. Finally, your energy bills will also be off the roof in case of a refrigerant leak. A combination of any of these symptoms should urge homeowners to find a quack professional solution.



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