Always was a cleaning service

When I was a little kid, I was one of the few children who never had their parents get on them over the condition of their room.

Actually, it was a bit the opposite.

I loved my room and I kept it in very meticulous order. And it didn’t stop there. One of my favorite things was playing cleaning lady. It’s what I really wanted to do. I would get a list from my mom on what she wanted cleaned. Then I’d just go for it. The cleaning lady wasn’t just a game because I was really cleaning. Like almost obsessive compulsive level. This naturally grew into a part time job for me when I was in high school. My dad paid me to clean the office. The office was so clean that some of the people who worked there would hire me as a cleaning service for all kinds of maid for hire services. It was great to make money doing something that I actually enjoyed. This went to another level during my college years. There I had a cleaning service and I had several small commercial accounts. I did floor maintenance, floor stripping and waxing, janitorial service and even did a tile floor cleaning service. There were even students I hired on to help. It was a full blown cleaning service. Well, I graduated with a business degree almost ten years ago. I bet you’ll never guess what I’m doing now. That’s right I have a commercial cleaning company with lots of full time employees, vans and equipment. And I still love the cleaning service game.

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