I was upset when we had to go back beach house from our family’s lodge

When I was unbelievable with friends at our family’s lodge, we all were having an good time. I legitimately cooked steak for everybody and everybody was blissful by the good food. Then we all were laughing and unbelievable in front of the fireplace when our buddy Tim was making boiling cocoa for everybody. When I went to have a taste of our boiling cocoa, our esure went wide when I tasted our drink. It was good, however it was a little too good. He laughed and said that was his special spiked boiling cocoa. He put vodka in the boiling cocoa however it was just the right amount. The boiling cocoa tasted as good as ever. It wasn’t before long when everybody was asking for more boiling cocoa and he was ecstatic to provide some more. I wouldn’t say any of us got drunk, however we all had a pretty good buzz going. Both of us had a nice night and with the temperature control settings just right, we were able to sleep better than ever through the night. I told our buddy Tim that he will have to provide myself and others the recipe eventually for the spiked boiling cocoa. He said that was a secret he would never provide out to people! Everybody had a good time and I felt that little bit of sadness when we were all packing up and getting ready to head back home. I only get to see the lodge maybe once a year and occasionally I wish I could just live there. It’s such a peaceful location and I love that fireplace unquestionably much.
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