Dog isn’t getting along with heater

I’m not a fan of winter and never have been.

I thought for a few minutes that I might actually start to appreciate the season when we first started using our brand new furnace, but I was quickly shown the truth; cold outdoor air is not my friend, even with a high powered heating and cooling system in the house.

I’m telling you, this cold air hasn’t been made any more tolerable by the fear that our heating system instills in my best friend. Let me tell you right now, I was super careful about adopting a new pet. When I first got my dog I thought he was perfect… but I had no way to realize he’d be so opposed to the air handling and heating system in our home. So, for years I used an old boiler system in the house until I had the extra heating system installed last year. I wanted a traditional heating solution to work in tandem with the boiler system. At first, the new heater seemed great! Until my dog came inside from the cold. From that day forward, every time the heating, cooling, and air quality control system kicked into gear, our dog started losing his mind. You’ll find him hiding in closets as soon as the indoor air starts passing through our air ductwork. With the boiler system, he used to get as close as possible to our radiators… but this new air handling plan seems to have convinced my pooch that he’s terrified of indoor air solutions. At this point, it’s either the forced air furnace or my dog… and you know I’m not getting rid of my best friend.


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