A store manager with a very poor accountability for HVAC products for sale

Managing a business as a side hustle while in employment is one of the most challenging things I have ever had.

I needed something I can rely on for extra income, but being away all week wasn’t cutting it.

When I established my air conditioning company, I thought it would be easy to account for every HVAC product for sale I had in store, but it turns out there are loopholes to manipulating stock figures. My younger brother was the first employee I had, but he knew nothing of HVAC brands, so I hired a professional HVAC technician who knew more about HVAC to handle the clients and sales. Being naive, my brother would sit at the till all day and don’t bother to reconcile stock figures. So one weekend, I ordered a stocktake to review my sales and stock balance. Nothing matched! In the store, I had stock already marked as sold in the system, and on the other hand, some of my quality HVAC equipment was missing. I figured the first problem was to have one employee handle air conditioning maintenance, attend to heating and cooling service requests, supply orders for whole home air purification appliances, and zone controlled HVAC equipment. He was stealing something from the store with every delivery he made. I didn’t fire him, instead, he hired a new employee with as much knowledge on HVAC systems to oversee his work. I became more involved, and although I was spending more on employees, there were signs of better returns, which I hoped to boost with introducing an HVAC service plan. Personally, I was already thinking of taking a course to become a heating technician or study something related to cooling tech before quitting my job.

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