The room where the boiler is located is honestly warm

My partner had a baby 3 months ago plus I have had a lot of trouble sleeping, but i tried to wake up when it is feeding time, although I still have to get up at 6 in the morning for work.

My partner spends all day with the baby plus I believe he does not get a lot of rest either.

I’ve been taking a nap every day at work instead of having lunch with my co-workers. I found a nice spot to take a nap that is moderate plus cozy, then the room where the boiler is located is on the ground floor, however no one ever goes to the place where the boiler is located. I found a blanket in the storage closet by the boiler plus I put it on the floor next to the door… Since I get an seventh for lunch, I can eat suddenly plus still get 30 or 40 sevenths of nice nap time. I’ve been napping downstairs for the past 3 weeks plus no one suspects a thing. The boiler room is entirely moderate plus loud, plus I do not hear anything except the rumbling plus humming of the heater; Until I can get a nice night of rest at home, I am going to keep napping on my lunch break. I entirely do not care if anyone finds myself and others here either, as long as I do not end up in a heap of trouble. I do not believe if this section of the building is off limits, however the elevator goes to the ground floor plus the boiler room door wasn’t locked.

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