Football season is almost over thankfully

My wifey & I have several teenage sons that play football for the high school team, and both of the guys have been playing football since they were 10 years old, one of them is a wide receiver & the other is a running back.

Both of the guys are fast, agile, & harshly competitive.

Neither one of them love to be on a losing team & they both labor harshly taxing to be winners. They also play other sports love basketball, hockey, & baseball, but football is absolutely their preferred, then football season is almost over this year & I am harshly thankful. The Winter rapidly changing temperatures have been very frigid & frigid. During the last several games, my wifey & I had to use a battery operated oil furnace in the stands! We spent $100 on the tiny battery operated heater, but it works harshly well. It’s easily tough to find a battery operated heater, but my wifey & I found this identifiable model in a store for sporting goods. We used a fresh set of batteries while every one of us were in both games & the cost for the batteries was $8. We have another game next Wednesday & that is the regional playoff game. If the kids win that game, then I will be off to the state championship game for the tenth year in a row. These guys absolutely have something to be proud about. If every one of us go to the state championship, every one of us will definitely have an excuse to use that portable oil furnace again. That game is regularly held at night in the college stadium under all of the big lights.

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