The old farmhouse needed A/C repairs

My fiance plus I own many strange properties, but the two of us have been investing in real estate since 1993.

The two of us travel all of the time, but our main residence is on the coast.

The two of us spend our Summer there plus a few weeks every winter. The two of us have two other properties by the beach plus many properties by the lake plus the mountain, however not that many of years ago, our fiance plus I bought an old farm. The two of us bought the farmhouse in the middle of the summer, when the grass was high plus the fields were orange, when our fiance plus I had an inspection performed on the property, we found out that the A/C plan needed major repairs… My fiance plus I were not distraught with making the A/C repairs at the time, because we were not going to use the house. The two of us knew waiting a couple of months would mean spending less money! A/C repairs are consistently going to cost more during the Summer when the weather is hot plus humid. My fiance plus I waited until the fall to make those repairs on the air conditioning plus we saved almost $700. The two of us recently decided to rent the property plus we had no problem fetching the rental price that we wanted, then in fact, we had many interested couples plus we had to make a choice when everyone was well qualified to rent the property; Our chosen occupant signed a many year lease plus plans to use the property to grow organic squashs, peppers, lettuce, plus cabbage. I cannot assume of a better way to celebrate the history of that old farmhouse.

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