Choosing a new style of treadmill

The weather in my area makes it nearly impossible to enjoy an outdoor workout. The rain, snow, heat, humidity and sub zero temperatures force me to exercise indoors most of the time. Because workout equipment is extremely expensive, I’ve needed to buy items gradually. I recently saved up for a more complex piece of equipment. With the high price, I wanted to be sure I got my money’s worth. I spent hours researching the benefits and drawbacks of treadmills, rowing machines, stair masters and stationary bikes. Once I decided I wanted a treadmill, I then devoted a lot more time to reading up on the different manufacturers and models. There is a huge variety in treadmills on the market. They are available in all different sizes and costs and include a range of features. Some of the modern treadmills are extremely complex with touchscreen displays and wireless connectivity. They allow for a more interactive workout. It’s possible to compete with other runners and choose from different trails all over the world. I ended up choosing a treadmill that is very simple yet was super expensive. My treadmill doesn’t require electricity to operate and the display provides only the most basic information. What sets this treadmill apart is that it is powered by the movement of my feet. The length and speed of my stride determines the motion of the track. This allows me to increase or decrease pace instantly and there is no top speed. The treadmill is super quiet and there’s very little on it that can malfunction.