Month to month rental has full service accommodations enjoy a gym and swimming pool

Some people have a extreme aversion to any sort of homeowner’s or home association.

They’d rather lose thoUSnds in property value by living near neighbors with garbage in their yards and chipping paint on their homes.

Sure, there are plenty of HOAs who overstep their authority in trying to police their residents. However, I have had a few unbelievable experiences with HOAs and home associations in the past. I lived in a rented home for many years and had a better experience compared to any home complex I have stayed in before or after. The property manager consistently sent their service team as soon as there was a complication of any kind. The cooling systems were tested officially, the turf outside never got taller than 3 inches, and the buildings were repainted once every 3 to 4 years. As a whole, it was a good site to live for seven years. But after I was forced to transport for work, I’m finding that I don’t enjoy my new living accommodations. I was laid off from my last task and suddenly searched for new work in the security industry. I’m a call dispatcher for security companies, but I had to leave my state when work in my industry started to dry up. Some of the work is getting outsourced overseas, so I had no choice however to make extreme compromises. Part of that was settling for a short term rental while I transition into my new task. My month to month rental isn’t as nice as my last condo, however they have accommodations enjoy a swimming pool and an indoor fitness room.
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