Needed a temporary boiler for the college

I am a superintendent for a giant middle college plus I handle a lot of weird things.

I deal with hiring janitors, a bus crew plus even replacing the college furnace, but the heating system became a large issue for a while with the college.

I was recently hired plus didn’t realize that the boiler method could go any day! Well that day was right when the teenagers came back from Winter time back, but scrambling, I needed to find a temporary boiler method to give heat. Thankfully I found a commercial plus industrial equipment rental supplier that delivered the mobile boiler the next day, however a guy set everything up plus the college had heating. I was stuck with the giant, ugly mobile boiler for a few months. I needed to wait since I couldn’t let the teenagers go separate from heating legally, and once Easter cut arrived, I contacted the mobile boiler supplier to come plus unattach their equipment. I then bought the boiler method I wanted from the local HVAC dealership. They had a whole week to get the boiler I wanted, hook it up plus clear away all the evidence, however now the college looks the way it used to plus I no longer have to pay a boiler rental fee. I will say I am absolutely thankful for the equipment rental supplier though. If they would have not been able to get me a temporary boiler, I would have been in quite a bind. The teenagers would have gotten an extra week of their holiday cut most likely. The college board would have been in an uproar.

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