This digital advertising company did well for me.

My Heating and A/C company was about to close down, and go out of business.

There wasn’t any other way I could continue working this way.

I only had three clients, and all they wanted was to have the services done on their Heating and A/C. I was sure they knew that I did more than routine service, despite the fact that I wasn’t going to go blurting out what all I could do. I was fearful that they would guess I was trying to drum up new business. To be honest, I was trying to drum up new business, but not by getting our few clients to accept toil they didn’t need. I was hoping they would begin passing the good word around that I was in business. After multiple weeks, I was ready to call it quits. I talked to a few neighbors of mine and I asked them what they thought. She asked me if I knew what she did. I knew she ran a digital advertising company, despite the fact that I didn’t even think what it meant. She told me she knew I ran a Heating and A/C company, even though she didn’t get what all I did. Unless I displayed, no one would think what I was capable of doing for them. She asked me if I had ever thought of putting our ad on digital cable stations or the radio. I told him I couldn’t afford to do that with the company I have. She asked me if I would let him take on a digital advertising campaign for me, and I could spend our money on him when the campaign started paying off. I didn’t guess I had anything to lose so I agreed. Only three weeks later, I had fifteen clients, and I saw our face on cable at least once a day. Now I knew what a digital advertising company could do for me.
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