How did I get so many charges to my credit card?

That falls off a couple days after the actual bill.

Last week I got my credit card statement, and I always had a heart attack. The bottom line was almost four times what I had ever seen. I couldn’t figure out who or how someone could have spent this much money. It was my credit card and not even my husband used it. The only thing I had purchased was a subscription to a food delivery service. I was told that they had great quality food, their delivery service was right on time every week, and it was packaged really well. Along with all of this, the price was amazing. I was able to get four weeks of food and they were giving a discount of fifty percent for the first four deliveries. I also got free delivery. How could I go wrong with this meal delivery service. That’s what I thought until I got my credit card bill. For four deliveries, I ended up with sixteen charges, and they were for full price. I racked up a bill for almost $1300. I was so angry that I couldn’t even speak. I called the meal delivery service and asked them what they had done. She tried to explain that they ping the credit card to make sure there was enough credit. That falls off a couple days after the actual bill. I wanted to know about the half off meal delivery service. They apologized and said they would fix it. I demanded all money returned but for one meal delivery box and cancelled their service. No matter how good the food was, no meal delivery service is worth this hassle.
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