My office is too cold

Naturally, it is expected that the weather in winter is slightly chilly and colder than usual.

However, most commercial buildings, like residential ones, have put the right measures to guarantee comfort and warmth.

After all, it is not possible to work when you are freezing. Surprisingly, my office is not cold during winter. I guess the proper heating system and adequate insulation in the building are to thank for this. Surprisingly though, my office gets extremely cold during summer. Yes, when the sun is scorching harshly outside, the inside of my office sometimes gets too chilly for anyone’s comfort. Well, this time around, I was not taking it lying down. There was no way I would continue carrying jackets to work in summer just because my office was unbearably cold. Out of curiosity, I got myself researching extensively at the possible causes of this phenomenon. It turns out that the office thermostat was outdated and as old as the building, which was several decades old. It was inefficient in controlling temperatures as the running mechanisms were set in the early 60s, and there was no way such standards worked today. After all, a lot has changed over the years as far as temperature regulation is concerned. Knowing the possible issue at hand, I took it upon myself to find a solution. As the manager of my department, I had the right to rectify certain issues, this being one of them. I called the company’s HVAC technician, who recommended a thermostat change, as I had predicted. The moment all the thermostats were fixed, all employees were grateful because there was a reasonable balance in temperatures. It became more enjoyable to sit around the office. I even noted that all employees under me were more productive than before.

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