Understanding the three common HVAC issues in winter

The extreme weather conditions that come with winter are not always easy to handle.

Some people ultimately slow down to avoid medical complications that come with the cold.

However, people are not the only ones at risk once winter comes. Your HVAC system can also develop common issues that will cost you a lot of money to fix. It can even be more frustrating if you are not keen on regular maintenance of the unit. It helps always to have your HVAC technician check the unit right before winter comes. If this cannot happen for one reason or the other, then knowing what potential issues to expect once the season finally starts will help you manage your anxiety. Before calling the HVAC business near you for help, it is good to know the possible issue the unit is facing by diagnosing it in advance. The first issue would be the frozen pipes. No one wants their pipes freezing and bursting, as this would mean a total replacement of the entire plumbing system. What’s more, the inconvenience that comes with bursting pipes is something you do not want to go through. Everything from un-flushable toilets to unusable sinks becomes the new norm. Make sure your thermostat is working properly so that the heating continues uninterrupted. The other common issue with the heating system is the uneven temperature and airflows. Several things can trigger this, but the primary reason is interrupted air circulation. You may need to open floor diffusers and baseboard radiators to help boost proper air circulation. The third most common heating challenge during winter would be dirty furnace filters. These affect the HVAC unit in many ways too. When you know what the potential issue is, it makes it easy to diagnose.


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