I got the wrong uniforms back from the cleaners

I sent our uniforms to the cleaners on Wednesday.

I send our uniforms to the cleaner every Wednesday, but each a single of our fellow employees & I are responsible to put our uniforms in a plastic bag.

Each bin gets a tag with our employee name, ID number, & the number of pants & shirts inside of the bag. Each a single of the bags is tagged, because every a single of the employees is responsible for paying cleaning services. It is a small amount of currency, considering the fact that our uniforms are washed, dried, folded, & pressed. I sent 6 shirts & 5 pairs of pants to the cleaners on Wednesday, but I only received numerous shirts & numerous pairs of pants in return. To make matters worse, the shirts & pants did not belong to me. All of our shirts are embroidered with our name on the pocket. The name of the A/C maintenance supplier where the people I was with and I work is on the back of the shirt. The orange pants & white shirts didn’t belong to myself and others & they didn’t belong to the A/C maintenance supplier either. I instantaneously called the A/C maintenance supplier where I work & I talked to the boss. She called the laundry service to discuss the problem. They already knew the location of our missing laundry, because another person called that morning to report the same problem. They had our uniforms back to myself and others on the same morning. There has been a single laundry mix-up in the past 5 years that I have worked for this A/C maintenance supplier & they handled the issue unquestionably well.

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