I got our friend a great gift

I have known our friend for about 20 years now.

The people I was with and I have been friends since elementary school & with her birthday coming up, I was determined to get her an excellent gift. To get some general ideas of what it is that she may want for her birthday, I asked her some questions about if she were to have anything, what would it be? I did this numerous months in advance so that she would not suspect anything… She told myself and others that she wanted more than anything to have a window a/c. She explained that she had one as a child & that she loved them far more than the larger central heating & cooling units, & it would save her a lot of currency. She also wanted a new filter, she wanted her new home to remain germ free consistently & so she opted for a HEPA filter, then on the day before her birthday I was proud of what I had accomplished. I had numerous window a/cs & a HEPA filter before me. I wrapped them up & surprised her with them. She was legitimately cheerful to have them & it genuinely did make a great birthday gift. She told myself and others she would have to do a gift like it for our birthday, & kept myself and others new on the progress of it & how it was doing. She informed myself and others that she believes her new home is now much cleaner with the HEPA filter & that is a enjoyable thing when you have kids running around.

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