I got my friend a great gift

I have known my friend for about 20 years now.

We have been friends since elementary school and with her birthday coming up, I was determined to get her an excellent gift.

To get some general ideas of what it is that she may want for her birthday, I asked her some questions about if she were to have anything, what would it be? I did this several months in advance so that she wouldn’t suspect anything. She told me that she wanted more than anything to have a window air conditioning system. She explained that she had one as a child and that she enjoyed them far more than the larger central heating and cooling units, and it would save her a lot of money. She also wanted a new filter, she wanted her home to remain germ free always and so she opted for a HEPA filter. On the day before her birthday I was proud of what I had accomplished. I had two window air conditioners and a HEPA filter before me. I wrapped them up and surprised her with them. She was very happy to have them and it really did make a great birthday gift. She told me she would have to do a gift like it for my birthday, and kept me up to date on the progress of it and how it was doing. She informed me that she believes her home is now much cleaner with the HEPA filter and that is a good thing when you have kids running around.

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