Jack of all trades master of none.

My husband Danny considers himself to be a handyman.

After years of dealing with his halfhearted attempts of fixing things, I got concerned when my AC unit would not start at the beginning of the summer. I tried to avoid telling him that the AC unit was not kicking on because you never know the extent of damage to the unit and bank account he is going to cause. I have always scheduled annual maintenance on my central air unit when he was not home just to avoid the waste of money conversation with him. So I called the HVAC specialist to come inspect my unit for the next day when he was not home. Just when I thought he was none the wiser the temperatures outside spiked to a whopping hundred degrees. If you have ever experienced a really hot day added high humidity along with it, you know how unbearable it can be. I avoided the home by running errands in my nice air conditioned car. When he arrived home later in the evening with the windows opened and fans running, I knew my plan had failed. He went outside to the AC unit and started dismantling it. God help anyone who has been through this travesty. He checked all kinds of different issues on the AC unit but he was completely stumped. I told him I could make a call to the local HVAC repairman to come out to check it over. The repairman arrived with a smile on his face as this is not the first time he has been to my home after Danny has tried to fix something. It was a simple tripped breaker on the AC unit that caused the issue. Thankfully the repairman did not charge extra to put the AC unit back together. He also gave me other numbers to call just in case another disaster happens to my HVAC unit.

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