My toddler mastered my smart thermostat.

I am a single mom of two toddlers. I just recently upgraded to a smart thermostat to enjoy all the conveniences they offer. I thought I was all set until around the middle of the summer when I arrived home and my home was hotter than the desert. I checked and somehow my thermostat was set to heat instead of the AC feature. I called an HVAC service tech thinking that my system somehow got hacked or I ended up with a faulty smart thermostat. I have never heard someone try to not laugh at someone before. Thanks to my two year old twins. They were declared to be the hackers of my smart thermostat. Make sure when you hook up your smart thermostat to your smartphone and or smart devices in your home your children cannot gain access to them. My two year old decided to play a game on my phone and turned my heat on in my home to sauna levels. My five year old loves asking questions with the smart devices and they taught her how to access my home network to control all my appliances and HVAC systems. She changed all of my normal settings I had programmed into it. So lesson learned, make sure you have special passwords or a separate device for children to play with before you have a sauna in the middle of July.

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