Choosing electric heated floors.

My husband and I have just purchased an older home and are planning on remodeling it one room at a time as our budget allows.

As with older homes you never know how well the HVAC system is going to run.

My husband and I had already decided we wanted heated flooring as a way to lessen my husband’s sleeping problems. He is a very light sleeper and the forced air system always seems to wake him up when the blower kicks on. We needed to decide what type of heated floors we wanted to install. The both have their benefits but our budget would not allow us to install it throughout the whole home. We live in a milder climate which keeps our heating costs lower through our winters. We decided to install the electric heated floors as it is easier to install small areas at one time. The system allows for additional add ons to the flooring as you go. We will be able to break down our cost of installing as we remodel the rooms in our home. The electric heated flooring allows us to choose the HVAC system we want at the pace we can afford with all the same benefits of the water heated flooring. The only downfall is the cost of running the electric heated flooring is a little more expensive to operate than the water, but we figure with the warmer climate it should balance itself out.

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