AC on the fritz.

My husband is very handy when it comes to troubleshooting issues with our HVAC system, but this one had him stumped.

We returned home from work to our AC system not working right.

He checked the circuit breaker to make sure the AC unit didn’t accidentally trip the breaker. He also checked to make sure all the vents in the home were not blocked by objects. He usually has the AC unit checked over during the springtime to ensure the unit is ready for the summertime heat. This year things got a little busier than normal and he totally forgot to schedule the appointment with the AC specialist to come to our home. Once he ran out of options of doing a simple fix on the unit he called in a HVAC repairman to come work on the unit. Our problem ended up being a frozen coil on the AC. He shut off the unit to allow it to defrost on its own. If we tried to rush it, the problems would only get bigger. He also cleaned the debris around the unit to allow air to flow through the unit better. He recommended us to have our air ducts cleaned as this would also cause the air flow to be blocked. We decided to purchase a window AC unit as a backup for our home just in case the problem did not get solved with the thawing out of the coils. We decided to start saving money for an upgraded central air unit for the next year.

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