Home heating disaster.

We have always done our yearly maintenance on our home HVAC system. Problems always seem to happen when you least expect them. We had to go out of state for a family emergency during one of the coldest spells in our region. We set our furnace down low while we were away so that the house would still have heat. We came home to our HVAC system not running at all. Nobody realizes how important your HVAC system is to your home. We explored all the damage to our home. Since the heater was not working our water pipes froze and busted, causing our basement to become flooded. Our washing machine also was damaged as the water line going into it froze and broke. Even our refrigerator needed repair as it had a water line for the ice maker that was installed. We called a HVAC repairman to fix our furnace. As the repairman gave us the bad news of needing a total replacement of the HVAC unit he also recommended a local appliance repair shop. We will be upgrading our HVAC system with a smart thermostat that hooks up to the wifi. That way we can never be caught unaware again. The smart thermostat will send alerts to our phone when there is a drastic drop of temperature and it can also alert us of a problem with our HVAC system. You can do all the things to make sure your system is running correctly, but sometimes life just happens and it goes on the fritz.


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