Learning your HVAC needs moving from cold climate to a warm climate.

I used to live up north where the winters are very cold and I relied on my heating system. During the winter months you can not go without a heater because there is that chance that you could actually freeze to death. This year I made a big move to a warmer climate where they rely on their AC unit more than they rely on their heater. I am not one that used my air conditioning unit. I hate being cold, which comes from living in a cold climate that was always cold. The longer I was in this warmer climate the more I realized that being hot and sweaty was not a comfortable feeling. Running the AC unit allowed me to control the humidity in my home. I also wanted a system that would allow me to control it while I was not at home. I did not want to run my system at the maximum level throughout the day while I was at work. I also did not want my teenagers to be messing with the thermostat while I was away. I have come to rely on not just my AC unit but also on my smart thermostat to be able to live in comfort from the heat while also being energy efficient. I feel that if you spend the money installing a good reliable system you actually save money in the long run on repairs. Always maintain your units as this adds longevity to your units.

Air conditioning technician