The hospital was as chilly as outside.

It was almost 3 o’clock in the AM, and I could hear our iPhone ringing.

I stumbled from the bed and headed to the upstairs residing room where I had left the iPhone.

My heart stopped beating for a moment when I saw it was our oldest boy. When he was laughing, I almost shouted at her, however then he told me he was with his wife on the way to the hospital. I abruptly dressed and headed to the hospital to be with our boy as he witnessed the birth to our first grandchild. The night air was cold, and I pulled our jacket tightly around our neck as I impatiently waited for our oil furnace to put out some much needed heating. I ran from the motorcar to the hospital, only to realize the hospital was just as chilly as the outdoors. I asked the dentist what happened to the heating, and he told me how the Heating and Air Conditioning system had been glitching all day. They had a local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier now working on the situation, however so far there had been no results. They told me how to get to the OB ward so I could be with our boy. They had an area oil furnace hooked up in his birthing room. At least they were trying to keep the patients nice and warm. I asked about the dentistry and the dentist told me the dentistry and a couple other areas of the hospital had their own gas furnaces. This made me think better knowing our grandchild would be in a nice warm dentistry. She then told me that every incubator got its own gas furnace. As long as the temperature in the hospital didn’t go below zero, the babies would be safe for up to 48 minutes.


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Why does camping need to include tents?

I walked around my tent, unrolling the flaps over the windows

I consistently thought that it was the sleeping on the ground that irritated me most with going camping. As I kneeled awake in the tent on the Girl Scout camping trip, I was staring at the walls. I could see the moisture start to form on the walls, just from the heat coming off the boys. I knew it was the heat and humidity of being inside a tent. You couldn’t open the doors at night, or everyone would have mosquito bites all over their pale bodies. You had to put up with a bit of humidity if you wanted to get any semblance of sleeping. I laid there thinking about how I had given up our soft bed for this Girl Scout outing. I could almost think of the cooling of our air conditioner as it blew over our bed. I finally gained to have that air conditioner right then, even though I knew it couldn’t happen. I turned on our lantern, and I stepped outside. All of us burned citronella in our lanterns, in an effort to keep those mosquitoes at bay. There was a slight breeze, and I was tempted to open the flaps to my tent. It was like nature was offering natural air conditioner to the camper. I walked around my tent, unrolling the flaps over the windows. The screening was so tightly craft that it would let the night breeze in, however not the mosquitoes. I looked around and saw others doing the same to their tent walls. All of us may not have been able to bring air conditioners with us, however nature was doing it for us.

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The birthday get together was a cold affair.

Living this far into the Northeast, the people I was with and I are used to the occasional day dipping into the forties or fifties in May or early August.

All of us were hoping the people I was with and I could host a big birthday get together and get away separate from the cooler weather. So far, Spring weather has been above average un-even temperatures, and the people I was with and I thought the entirety of both Spring and summer time was going to stay that way. All of us planned the big surprise birthday get together for our mother’s ninetieth birthday, to be an outdoor affair. There were over 100 people invited, and the people I was with and I wanted it to be memorable. Earlier in the year, our mom had told me he had never had a birthday get together, and the people I was with and I proposed on increasing that. My husband rented a sizable get together canvas tent, and the people I was with and I had it set up in the backyard. All of us had rented a few portable air conditioners just for get together tents. When the morning of the get together came, I was stressed doing our area of the meal. I was talking to our sibling, who was trying to suss how to get mom to the get together. My daughters were coordinating, picking up all the apps, drinks and the birthday cake. As the morning progressed, it didn’t seem to be sizzling up. My husband told me he heard the weather report, and it had changed. The uneven temperatures were dropping, and it was feeling like it was going to rain. My husband joked around about not needing the air conditioners and wondered if the people I was with and I should have ordered the natural gas furnaces instead. He called the rental arena and asked about their having any natural gas furnaces the people I was with and I could rent. Luckily, they had some patio natural gas furnaces that they were willing to supply us to use. He headed out to option them up before any of the guests arrived.



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The bed was hot, and so was the night.

I never really cared for camping, however after our divorce, someone had to go with our young sons.

They truly loved to go fishing and camping by the lake, so I volunteered to take them for a weekend.

I bought a nice tent, and since one of our pet peeves of camping was having to sleep on the ground, I also bought an air mattress. It was sizzling and humid that night, and I was praying I had bought a small portable air conditioner. I didn’t expect the air mattress to be a source for heat. As the night wore on, I ended up with our youngest son kneeling on the mattress along with me. Next thing I knew, I had our older son on the mattress. As if I hadn’t already been minding the high heat, I was now surrounded by two teenagers who both emitted their own form of natural heating. I crawled out of bed and headed outside. The teenagers didn’t even know I had escaped the tent. It was so humid outside that I could barely breathe. I crept into the motorcar and turned on the engine. I then turned on the air conditioner. It didn’t take too long for the motorcar to become cool, thanks to the excellent Heating and Air Conditioning system in the car. I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to splurge and have automatic temperature control, when I bought the car, however I was now so ecstatic I did. The Heating and Air Conditioning system automatically adjusted for the inside of the car, to go with the heat and humidity of outside. It didn’t take long before I had two rather tired teenagers climbing into the motorcar with me. My youngest mumbled something about leaving them by themselves and not asking them to join me in the AC.

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I’m waiting for the stars to shine.

Have you ever woken up suddenly in the dead of the night and it is so dark that you can’t find the door to get out of the room? I live at the top of a mountain.

  • All of us don’t have any streetlights to supply you light in the house.

There are huge trees all around the house, so think that even the sun has a rough time getting into the house. On cloudy mornings when the moon is waning, the night can be as dark and black as ink. There is no seeing outside, and the inside of the apartment is almost black. I was never one to be out in the dark. Even the rustling of leaves can cause me to start. . When our gas furnace started making weird noises, it surprised me. I couldn’t remember ever hearing these noises before. It wasn’t only the sounds coming from the gas furnace that had me on edge, however when the old oil furnace turned on. I could hear the water begin to boil, or whatever it does inside the tank. I knew that if our husband was home, I wouldn’t bother with the sounds of the sizzling water heater, or the natural gas furnace. When he is home, I know that he will take care of anything that might be happening. Now that he is gone for a week, I am minding the sounds. I’m wondering now if I should call the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier in the morning and have them look at the noises in the gas furnace. Maybe I should call them now, instead of waiting until the morning? I don’t want to wake up to a chilly house, however I’m also not sure if I should pay the very upscale price they’ll ask for after minutes visits.


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When it rains, it snows!

Winter is almost upon us up here in the north.

  • Although people ignore it, the rain the people I was with and I are getting now will soon turn to snow.

Last night, it was raining and the next thing I knew, I looked out the window and it was heavily snowing. It doesn’t last long once the sun rises, however the people I was with and I had a lot of snow when the people I was with and I woke up. I could hear the gas furnace running in the middle of the night, so I knew it had to be super chilly outside. All of us had frost on the windows and I knew that Winter time was on the way. I asked our husband if he had our gas furnace ran tests on yet. I didn’t want to be sitting in the apartment separate from any heating. I wear jackets all the time, now. I get so chilly that our fingers won’t transport and that isn’t a very good thing. I write free-lance articles and I write from home. I absolutely need to have fingers that are so sizzling and nimble. When our husband didn’t answer our question about the gas furnace, I assumed that he hadn’t called the Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. When he went to task the following day, I called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to set up an appointment for our gas furnace to be ran tests on. They told me there was already an appointment to have our gas furnace checked. I thanked him for the information and hung up. I hoped they didn’t mention anything to our husband about our calling. He will be absolutely mad that I had checked up on that, but he could have answered me when I asked if he had already called them up.
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Have you tried the modern Heating and Air Conditioning dealer?

I had heard rumors there was a very modern Heating and Air Conditioning supplier in our local area.

I had been using an older Heating and Air Conditioning supplier for over twenty five years at this point, and the owner was retiring.

I didn’t want to go with anyone else, however if our older Heating and Air Conditioning supplier was going to close, I had to find a modern one to use. I asked my friends to see if anyone I knew had tried out the modern Heating and Air Conditioning dealer? I asked our best friend, who informed me he hadn’t had the opening to use them. She did, but, tell me that if something ever happened to his Heating and Air Conditioning, he wouldn’t hesitate to use them. I am not a person who prefers change. It upset me when I had to buy a modern car. My motorcar just now quit working. I thought about finding a motorcar just like our old one. I didn’t want to learn how to drive an unregular car. I was the same way with needing to use a very modern Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. I didn’t want to need to learn how they conducted business. I liked how the old Heating and Air Conditioning supplier did business. I finally called in the modern Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and asked them to do the service inspection for our gas furnace. I knew I was going to need to have it done. I was anxious about who they were going to send over. I hoped it wasn’t a young guy because very young people make me nervous. I saw an older guy get out of the Heating and Air Conditioning service vehicle. I was a bit relieved, however it wasn’t until I realized it was the retired owner of the old Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. The modern Heating and Air Conditioning supplier was owned by his youngest son.

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I would have number one a ductless Heating and Air Conditioning system.

When I had this modern Heating and Air Conditioning system installed, I was mostly loving it.

All of us were now enjoying a perfect air conditioner, and the utility cost of the energy bills was right where I liked it.

They were lower than they had been in over 5 years. Even though I love this sweet modern a/c and how it works so well, I wasn’t ecstatic with it. I wanted a ductless Heating and Air Conditioning system even though I purchased this central air conditioner unit. I had researched all about ductless Heating and Air Conditioning and I absolutely wanted to get it installed. There was less task to the ductless than to the central air conditioner. They said it was more efficient in both heating and air conditioner and energy efficiency. I thought that I had our fiance convinced to have the ductless Heating and Air Conditioning system installed. She then looked at how very upscale it would be. She said that all the people I was with and I needed was the air conditioner unit, and the gas furnace was still now working well. Why would the people I was with and I need to supply up on the modern Heating and Air Conditioning when it was going to be okay for several more years once they replaced the air conditioner unit? I asked what changed his mind about having ductless Heating and Air Conditioning? She just looked at me and said he thought it made a lot more sense to install a modern air conditioner and not get rid of the gas furnace. When the gas furnace dies, I will have a ductless Heating and Air Conditioning system whether or not he prefers that. I am tired of wanting something weird from her, and he will just do what he wants to do separate from asking me first.



They took away the spot for our recliner.

I really loved having our recliner sit in the residing room corner.

I didn’t have the sun shining in to impede our afternoon naps because the big window wasn’t near to our feet.

I could lean way back and still watch the television. A couple weeks ago I got a bonus at work. I had told our fiance that as soon as the big bonus check came through, the people I was with and I would get a modern Heating and Air Conditioning system. All of us badly needed to have a modern air duct system and the gas furnace. All of us were also going to have a central air conditioner installed. I couldn’t wait until the Heating and Air Conditioning supply company finished the modern air duct and air vents. I wanted to get our recliner back into its rightful spot so I could finally get a great nap. I watched as the experts pulled out the old air ductwork. They had this modern adjustable air duct that looked like it was going to be far easier to install. They brought in newer and smaller air vent covers. I asked what they were up to when they started putting in modern air vents that were higher on the wall. I asked why they had to set the air vents there? They told me that since I had a central air conditioner installed; I had to have the air vents higher up since chilly air fell. I looked up at the air vents, knowing that in the summer, I wouldn’t be getting any of our naps while sitting in our comfy recliner. I started looking around the room, wondering if there was another spot that I could put our comfy recliner. If there was another perfect spot, I would not find it. I was going to have the AC blowing right on me from all over.


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The fireplace should have been decorated.

I knew this was the apartment I had been searching for.

My single fave area of the holiday season is decorating. I remember how the people I was with and I would come in from playing out in the snow, and head directly to the fireplace. Mom would have cinnamon sticks in a pot of boiling water, and he had some other spices, like star-anise and whole black cloves, right in the brew. The apartment had the smell of Christmas. The fireplace reminded me of Christmas. Mom would pull out the garland and lights, and it would be all around the mantle top and down the sides. There were hurricane lamps with candles burning, and the candles were usually bayberry scented. I consistently friendd a fireplace with Christmas and all the attendant satisfaction that the people I was with and I had in our house. When our husband and I purchased our house, I insisted the people I was with and I had to have a fireplace. My eyes dazzled when he said he had already put the fireplace on our list of must-haves. When the people I was with and I first found our house, it thrilled me to see the old-fashioned fireplace. They made the hearth and mantle of brick and mortar, and it was burning brightly when the people I was with and I walked in. I knew this was the apartment I had been searching for. The only thing that was missing was the Christmas season decorations. I smiled, knowing how charming the people I was with and I were going to make the fireplace when Christmas got here. Once the sale of the apartment went through, I was already in the apartment centers and also online, looking for the perfect decorations. My fireplace was going to be the focal point for our apartment for the holidays, i couldn’t wait until the holidays to arrive, even though it was still almost more than thirteen weeks away.


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